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What is a Document Control Clerk?

A document control clerk is a person who keeps all the files and documents of a company organized while also ensuring their accuracy, quality and integrity. They provide a human element in document coordination and security. They are the ones who do the sorting and categorizing of the endless documents that the company receives daily. They are also the people you look for when you need to pull up certain documents for references. They stack all files according to different categories, dates, departments, and even discard obsolete files to not over crowd the archive of the company. Safe keepers of various files and documents, Document Control Clerks preserve the importance or confidentiality of a document.

What Does a Document Control Clerk Do?

A Document Control Clerk manages documents that come in and out of the company. It is their responsibility to fix all documents for the corporation. These documents may range from simple request letters to the important statement of accounts and much more. It is also their job to organize these files, both new and old, for proper storage. They need to make sure that the confidentiality of the documents are kept even if they are being stored in the archives. They must be able to keep track of everything and label storage and folders accordingly. Periodically, Document Control Clerks are responsible for training employees on records management procedures and policies.

How Do I Hire a Document Control Clerk?

In hiring a Document Control Clerk, the competency of being detail oriented and possessing a good memory are vital. These helps to monitor and track old documents without any difficulty. You can always hire the staff you need through third party services who offer staffing and recruitment. Hiring Document Control Clerks in the Philippines through staffing is both a good and convenient decision. They are experts in finding staff best suited for the job.

How Much Does a Document Control Clerk Cost?

The cost of hiring a Document Control Clerk depends on his previous work experience, if it’s extensive enough or related to the current position being offered. Having an experience in the same line of work is a sure advantage. Also, the educational background of an individual matters to the rate that can be demanded for the position.

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