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What is an E-Discovery Specialist?

An E-Discovery Specialist uses technology to facilitate discovery and manage electronic data. Their knowledge of information technology and legal processes renders them invaluable to tech-challenged attorneys and clients. Most e-discovery specialists have backgrounds in law or information technology.

What Does an E-Discovery Specialist Do?

An E-Discovery Specialist performs data collections using EnCase, eDiscovery and other computer forensic tools on a variety of systems including MS Exchange, Enterprise Vault, network shares, etc. to support investigations and litigations. Their extensive knowledge and experience enables them to provide strategic advice at an early stage, alerting clients to any potential hurdles.

How Do I Hire an E-Discovery Specialist?

In hiring an E-Discovery Specialist, you must first assess the candidate's educational background. The applicant must have a bachelor’s degree in information science or information technology, and a background in law. The knowledge he amassed from his education will definitely help him perform his tasks better. Then you must check if the candidate has undergone E-Discovery training. Through proper training, the candidate can draft and communicate litigation hold procedures and be adept in using technology to facilitate discovery.

How Much Does an E-Discovery Specialist Cost?

The E-discovery explosion has created an unprecedented demand for e-discovery skills, pushing salaries to new levels. Applicants with a degree in information science or in a related field plus a general understanding of law and litigation, information technology, digital communication, and electronically stored information (ESI) and data are the ones that are given the best pays.

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