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What is a Legal Secretary?

Legal outsourcing companies are one of the growing trends in the legal profession. This is why legal secretaries are in demand. A Legal Secretary, provides day-to-day clerical, administrative and secretarial support in running a legal services or law firm. They complete tasks such as case research or preparing and sending legal documents, under the supervision of an attorney or paralegal.

What Does a Legal Secretary Do?

A Legal Secretary's role is to support the lawyers and paralegals in a law office or organization. Their specialized skill set allows them to perform traditional secretarial jobs, from answering phones and taking messages, to creating detailed spreadsheets, presentations, or preparing law documents. Legal Secretaries are responsible for a great deal of writing since they're the ones who write legal drafts and create legal correspondence on behalf of the attorney.

How Do I Hire a Legal Secretary?

In hiring a Legal Secretary, a degree is not a requirement but the candidate must be familiar with legal terms and procedures. This is acquired by pursuing a legal secretary certificate or diploma program. Other factors to assess are experience of office work, and skills in computer and communication. To find the most qualified Legal Secretary, it's best to seek the help of outsourcing companies like STAFFVIRTUAL. We have over ten years of experience in the outsourcing industry ensure that you'll not only get a skilled employee, but a motivated one as well.

How Much Does a Legal Secretary Cost?

The cost of a Legal Secretary is influenced by years of experience, education or specialized coursework related to the field, and size of the firm. Employers prefer to give a good rate to those who have had some specific legal secretary training and hold a certificate, and a higher rate to those who know how to use legal technology, including word-processing programs, court-filing computer systems and transcription software.

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