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What is a Medical Records Processor?

A Medical Records Processor, or medical file clerk, performs administrative tasks, which require knowledge of detailed medical record maintenance systems. The tasks include entering medical and financial information into databases, creating and implement filing systems, and ensuring that the records are being managed according to industry standards. Medical Records Processors usually hold a certificate or associate degree in medical billing and coding or health information technology.

What Does a Medical Records Processor Do?

A Medical Records Processor’s main function is filing, which is why being detail-oriented and having an understanding of both paper filing and computer filing systems are important. Their responsibilities generally consist of organizing patient information, reading medical histories, and maintaining medical records. It is also their job to confirm with physicians or other medical personnel that the records are complete and accurate.

How Do I Hire a Medical Records Processor?

There are three factors to look for in Hiring a Medical Records Processor. First is a degree in health information technology or medical record technology. A degree ensures that the candidate is knowledgeable in coding, medical terminology, legal issues, health insurance, risk management and physiology. The next factor to look for is the candidate's ability to be extremely detail oriented, since there's no room for any mistake in their line of work. And lastly, the candidate must know how to use advanced computer software for tracking medical and financial data.

How Much Does a Medical Records Processor Cost?

The cost of a Medical Records Processor depends on two things: educational attainment and working experience. If the candidate has both, a good offer wouldn't be far behind. Add proficiency in using a computer, good communication skills and a keen eye for detail, and the rate definitely gets higher.

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