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What is a Transcriptionist?

A Transcriptionist is a working professional who listens to recorded materials and types the material into written form. They are more than just fast typists because they make good use of language and language arts, research, and an affinity for understanding the meaning and intent behind the words used in a conversation. Transcriptionists usually work in an office environment, but many complete their work from home.

What Does a Transcriptionist Do?

A Transcriptionist transcribes medical, legal or other records from spoken or recorded to written word. Aside from having strong skills at the computer keyboard, transcriptionists possess an eye toward accuracy and a commitment to deliver a quality transcript to each customer. The most common industry for transcriptionists is the medical field but transcriptionists do work in the legal industry and others.

How Do I Hire a Transcriptionist?

When hiring a Transcriptionist, you must first check if the candidate has training in transcription. Having successfully completed training in transcription means the candidate has amassed knowledge in understanding jargon and specialized terms used in dictation. Next, check if the candidate has a previous experience in transcribing. Finally, test the candidate's skills at the computer keyboard. He must not only be a fast typist, but an accurate one as well.

How Much Does a Transcriptionist Cost?

A Transcriptionist's cost varies depending on several factors. A lot of transcriptionists receive pay on a per line or per word basis, making their income dependent on the speed and accuracy of their work. Often, transcriptionists are contracted workers who are not eligible for employer-provided fringe benefits such as vacation and sick leave or health insurance.

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