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What is a Blog Manager?

A Blog Manager is in charge of implementing a process for consistent blogging. From who is going to write the articles and what topics, to how frequently and who is going to see them, a Blog Manager ensures the company is investing in creating content that increases leads and sales. To achieve these goals, they must have a comprehensive understanding of the industry, and experience in blogging.

What Does a Blog Manager Do?

A Blog Manager is responsible in keeping a brand's voice consistent across daily published content and understanding how to use the blog to generate qualified traffic and leads for the business. Their exceptional writing and editing skills helps them write various types of articles on a wide range of topics. Furthermore, they optimize content for search engines and lead generation.

How Do I Hire a Blog Manager?

In hiring a Blog Manager, there are two important qualifications two look at: educational background and marketing and content creation experience. A candidate possessing these two qualifications will ensure you have a Blog Manager who can create content that increases leads and sales. Add leadership and strategic skills in the basket and you have a manager who can deliver positive change to your company. Outsourcing companies can help you hire a Blog Manager best suited to your company's needs. They have a thorough screening process ensuring that you'll be hiring an employee that is highly skilled and works for quality results.

How Much Does a Blog Manager Cost?

A Blog Manager who has a degree in Marketing or in a related field, has good writing skills along with strategic skills deserves a good starting rate than someone who has only undergone seminars and training in Marketing and is rather new to the industry. A Blog Manager can increase his chances of getting a better rate if he has a proven record of growing blog subscribers, converting visitors into leads, and expanding a blog's overall reach.

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