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What is an Email Marketing Manager?

An Email Marketing Manager is an expert email marketer who manages the company's email campaigns and communicates the company's brand through email marketing. They inform consumers and business partners of new products, new events, or company updates. In short, they ensure that company emails are being delivered, opened and clicked on, and are compliant with CAN-SPAM.

What Does an Email Marketing Manager Do?

An Email Marketing Manager is responsible for managing the company's email marketing campaigns and maximizing revenue opportunities from the company's CRM and customer database. They have a knack of getting the right emails into the right inboxes at the right times. They accomplish their task by working with several other professionals, including Direct Marketing Managers, Web Designers and Content Production Managers.

How Do I Hire an Email Marketing Manager?

In hiring an Email Marketing Manager, you must assess if the candidate has obtained a bachelor's degree in marketing, business, or communications. A big plus is if the candidate has worked in direct marketing campaigns in the past, earning the right for his management position. If you want to find the best fit for your business or organization, it's best to seek the help of outsourcing companies. They can provide you candidates that are knowledgeable, skilled and fully dedicated in delivering high quality work.

How Much Does an Email Marketing Manager Cost?

Aside from a degree related to Marketing, an Email Marketing Manager's Cost will depend on his previous experience as an email marketing manager, ideally within a similar industry. He must be able to show from his previous campaigns that through his analytical skills and marketing brilliance, he was able to translate complex data into actionable and profitable marketing plans.

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