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What is a Managing Editor?

A Managing Editor is both an innovative writer and a focused operations manager. They oversee the day-to-day operations of the publication, and report to the editor in chief. Managing Editors also supervise writers, editors and other staff.

What Does a Managing Editor Do?

Typically, the managing editor reports directly to the Editor in Chief and oversees all aspects of the publication. Their job takes place primarily in the office -- suggesting ideas, assigning articles, handling problems, keeping the staff on schedule and answering questions from department editors. They are the ones who determine the importance of articles and what goes on the front page. Managing Editors may attend events to demonstrate the publication's interest and to keep on top of news and opinions.

How Do I Hire a Managing Editor?

A degree in journalism or relevant field is an important factor in hiring a Managing Editor. An educational background helps in writing a column or editorial and in editing articles. Another factor to look for is proven experience as a managing editor or relevant role since they'll be hiring, coaching and supervising personnel. Additional attributes that prove important to the job include outstanding communication and people abilities. To find a Managing Editor with qualities and skills as such, it's best to seek the help of outsourcing companies. They can provide you candidates that are well-rounded, skilled and fully dedicated to the job.

How Much Does a Managing Editor Cost?

The cost of a Managing Editor is highest when he has a degree in Marketing Communications and working knowledge of online platforms like WordPress and SEO concepts. More so, if he has exceptional ability in copywriting and editing. This type of Managing Editor is one who an employer should offer a job immediately to for his qualities ensure quality results.

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