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What is a Podcast Producer?

A Podcast Producer manages, records, edits and transmits a podcast for internet distribution. They are in charge of scheduling guests and managing studio space and equipment. A Podcast Producer is a multitasker, creative and entrepreneurial since they are tasked to help reach and grow their audience.

What Does a Podcast Producer Do?

A Podcast Producer is responsible in making sure the host is not concerned about the administration or technical side of the podcast. A Producer will often find himself taking on many different jobs and needing to have an incredibly varied skill set to do the job at a professional standard due to the small-team nature of a podcast. Another part of their job is to devise and test new strategies and one-off campaigns to drive audience growth and retention.

How Do I Hire a Podcast Producer?

To hire a Podcast Producer, you must find one who has experience in radio, broadcast, audio production, or podcasting. The producer must have exceptional writing and editing skills, including the ability to craft a solid story and adapt it for various audiences and media formats. Excellent communication skills is also a plus since the producer needs to interview subjects and find guests suitable for the show.

How Much Does a Podcast Producer Cost?

A Podcast Producer's cost depends on his educational background and years of experience in the field. A degree in Journalism or Broadcasting is a must for employers. Add that to experience recording and editing both video and audio in a variety of scenarios, you have yourself a Podcast Producer whom you can give a good job offer to. For a more convenient and faster way of finding the right man for the job, seek the help of outsourcing companies. They screen candidates carefully to provide you not only an employee who is highly skilled but dedicated as well.

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