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What is a Video Editor?

A Video Editor assembles recorded raw material into a finished project that matches the director’s vision and is suitable for broadcasting. They are the people required during every single post-production process. Without Video Editors, movies would last for days, television shows would be totally incoherent and music videos would look dull.

What Does a Video Editor Do?

A Video Editor is responsible for turning recorded video footage and computer graphics into a finished product suitable for a television studio, cable network or movie studio. The material may consist of camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and special effects. They are required to have working knowledge of sophisticated editing software, such as Avid, Final Cut Pro or Premier, in order to digitize or import audio and video footage. These days, video editing is now present online through online video editor apps. But still, these apps can’t deliver real editing.

How Do I Hire a Video Editor?

In hiring a Video Editor, you must assess not only one's educational background, but also the ability of bringing sight and sound together in order to tell a cohesive story. Another quality you have to look for is the ability to deliver quality work even under a tight deadline. Many times, a Video Editor needs to work extremely long hours, weekends or holidays with little or no prior notice, so flexibility is a must. To conveniently and quickly find the right man for the job, seek the help of staffing companies. Their screening process ensures you that you'll be hiring an employee best fitted to your standards.

How Much Does a Video Editor Cost?

Aside from a degree in film studies, cinematography or related field, a proven work experience determines a Video Editor's cost. A solid experience with digital technology and editing software packages plus a creative mind with storytelling skills merits a good job offer. Of course, senior editors who have worked on big-budget projects have a higher starting rate than those at entry-level or have worked only a few years.

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