Payroll Outsourcing (PEO) Philippines

Eliminate the hurdles that comes with on-boarding and managing a Filipino workforce

“PEO” stands for “Professional Employer Organization”, wherein we manage payroll, benefits, and government compliance for your employees in the Philippines. STAFFVIRTUAL can easily put your employees on our payroll, and assume all HR compliance risks. Your Filipino employees are fully-compliant and can work remotely, or from our offices.

What is Payroll Outsourcing (PEO)?

A company that provides PEO, or Employer of Record Services, essentially places a Client’s employees on their own company’s payroll. That company would be responsible for payroll, benefits, taxes, and a variety of other HR and compliance functions.

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We Ensure Your Filipino Employees are Compliant & Ready to Work

We trailblazed the PEO industry in the Philippines years ago by combining the right policies and compliance expertise. Our proven PEO solutions can help you engage and manage a Filipino workforce without legal complexities and unpredictable costs — right now. Whether you have employees working from home remotely, or in an office, we can help. When it comes to rapid expansion in the Philippines and hiring at massive scale, there’s no challenge STAFFVIRTUAL can’t tackle.

Need Us to Handle Your Payroll? No Worries, Mate. Request a Proposal

Are you looking to launch or migrate your Filipino team quickly and efficiently, while minimizing cost and risks? We charge one flat fee, per month, per employee placed on our payroll. With us, your company does not need to establish its own business entity in-country, especially if you only want to test the market with a few employees.

As your trusted PEO provider, we will administer payroll and benefits to your employees twice a month, and prepare remittances to Philippine government agencies, such as:

Benefits of using a PEO in the Philippines

Turnkey HR Admin

Our processes and systems will comply with all Philippines' government regulations with respect to hiring and tax.

No Need to Incorporate

Avoid the tremendous costs, hassle, and time associated with incorporating in the Philippines.

Avoid Over-Paying

We provide your employees with a locally appropriate compensation package for their position.

Reduce Tax Headaches

The PEO becomes the "Employer of Record" for tax purposes through filing payroll taxes.

Improved Focus

You'll be able to focus more time on producing work, and less time with tedious, laborious HR tasks.

Onboard Faster

We help get employees on-boarded quickly, as in days, not months. Scale faster in the Philippines.

Go-To-Market Faster

Your business can scale up or down a workforce in the Philippines, or venture into new lines of business.

Retain Talent

Your employees receive great benefits, at a lower cost, increasing retention and improving morale.

Reduce Risks

We take on all of the compliance risks, reducing your chances of employment-related litigation to zero.

Time Tracking

Whether working from home or remotely, managing timesheets is a time-consuming task we do for you.

Remove the Headaches

Besides the cost-savings, reducing HR headaches is the second most common reason people use a PEO.

A True Partnership

We act as your day-to-day HR partner, handling all employee requests with military-grade precision.