What Tasks Can a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Do?

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What Tasks Can a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Do?

What Tasks Can a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Do?

What Tasks Can a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Do?Do you have a real estate brokerage? Do you have the administrative manpower you need to grow your business?

A competent Real Estate Virtual Assistant can take repetitive, mundane tasks off your plate so that you can focus on selling more property than ever before.

These tasks include:

Managing your Social Media Presence

Businesses of all shapes and sizes across industries have realized the benefits of building a powerful presence on social media.

The real estate industry is no different, according to a recent survey by the National Association of Realtors, 77% of realtors actively use social media for real estate in some way, shape or form.

There is a lot more work to maintaining a relevant social media presense that most people think, questions like Are you using the right hashtags? Are your photos 'Insta-worthy'? What does your posting schedule look like?

But this of course, takes time, and a lot of it. According to a Social Media Examiner survey, well over 64% of small businesses interviewed said that they spend upwards of six hours per week on social media.

Imagine what could happen to your business if you could take that time and put it into selling more property? Leave your social media management to the pros.

Post, Design and Maintain Listings

As a realtor, chances are, you make use of a handful of sites to list all of your properties. You can't possibly imagine constantly keeping these up to date, while keeping up with your client base and developing new business.

When you have a real estate Virtual Assistant constantly maintaining your listings, you can rest easy knowing that your listings are always up to date and focus on the things that you do best, things like actually selling property.

Verifying and Setting up Appointments with Buyers/Sellers

People are generally surprised when they find out that a virtual assistant can handle incoming and outgoing phone calls. A good real estate VA will have an excellent command of the English language and will have absolutely no issues speaking to customers, answering general inquiries and setting appointments.

Think about it – most people calling a realtor's office are generally calling in to ask simple questions that can be resolved in a manner of seconds, like finding out open house times or checking if a certain property is still on the market.

Property Research

This is probably one of the most time-consuming tasks in your office but for good reason, if done right, it can provide an incredible amount of value to your business. But as with anything of this nature, it tends to be quite repetitive and mundane which is why it's best to leave it with a VA so that you, can focus on following up, resurrecting and closing deals.

Responding to Email and Live Chat Inquires

It's no surprise that most realtors get a ton of email. Those emails really do add up. If you have live chat enabled on your website, chances are it's the same deal.

Imagine, if they were just dealt with without you having to lift a finger? Your real estate virtual assistant will deal with all the minor, less-important so that you can focus on replying to the ones that really do matter.

Managing your Budget and Receivables

Last but not least, your Real Estate Virtual Assistant will be able to keep track of all of your expenses, bills, reimbursements and payroll and make sure that everything is organized in one coherent system.

While some realtors chose to do this themselves, it's best to leave it with a professional so that you’ll be able rest easier at night knowing that your books are always balanced, your staff and bills are paid on time.

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