Why Outsource to the Philippines?

Make your business more efficient, scalable, and profitable.

Why Outsource to the Philippines

Advantages of Outsourcing to the Philippines

A first-class educational system, low cost of living, and English speaking talent pool make the Philippines the world’s premier outsourcing destination. Companies enjoy tremendous cost-savings and efficiency improvements by moving their business processes to the Philippines.

English Excellence

When it comes to customer-facing business processes, clear communication is a fundamental business imperative. The Philippines is the third-largest English-speaking country in the world, behind the UK and the USA. English is one of the country’s two official languages. Filipinos speak English with a neutral accent, and they are well-versed in English idioms and slang.

Outstanding Schools

The Philippines has a high standard of education and boasts a 97.5% literacy rate. Over half a million Filipinos graduate from university annually, and many colleges and universities have created customized curriculum and degree programs to prepare students for high-paying jobs in the outsourcing industry. These policies have worked marvelously!

No Culture Shock

The Philippines has been strongly westernized. It has the largest Christian population in Asia, and it feels more like Hawaii than it does mainland Asia. This cultural similarity allows our clients to enjoy a strong cultural fit and consistently deliver white-glove customer experiences.

Low Cost of Living

The #1 driver of outsourcing to the Philippines has always been cost-savings. Thanks to the low cost of living in the Philippines, companies can drastically reduce their labor and operational costs. Wages for a Filipino are much less than an American in the same position. Low costs also apply to other business expenses like office space. This low cost of living makes the Philippines the best value for English-speaking talent anywhere in the world. Full stop.

Have a Big Impact

The BPO industry is vital to the country’s economy. You'll be contributing to this enormously beneficial impact on the local population of the Philippines, by providing fulfilling, long-term career opportunities that would otherwise not have been available.

Massive Talent Pool

The Philippines has a huge, young, high-educated, English-speaking talent pool. Over 1.8 million Filipinos work in the outsourcing industry. Today, the median age in the Philippines is only 25.7 years. This is very young compared to the aging populations in the US, Europe and Australia.

Government Support

After witnessing the phenomenal growth of the Indian outsourcing industry, the Philippine government began promoting itself as a viable offshore outsourcing hub by supporting the rapid expansion, skills training, and technological needs of the industry. Today, the outsourcing industry is the crown jewel of the Philippines’ economy.

Great People

Filipinos are very hospitable and friendly people, known for being loyal, honest, persistent and hard working. They almost always smile, no matter how they feel inside, or how difficult their circumstances are. Filipinos have traveled around the world for work and are high-adaptable. They are highly empathetic, and they can immediately connect with your brand and corporate culture.


The Philippines is a service-oriented culture, so they are a naturally good fit for customer support roles. Providing exceptional service is hugely important to Filipinos. They really care, and it shows. In addition, companies have been outsourcing customer service to the Philippines for over 25 years, so there is a huge pool of high-trained, experienced, professionals to serve you and your customers.

Modern Telcos

Telecommunications in the Philippines are well-developed due to the presence of modern infrastructure facilities. Reliable telcos help ensure your processes are running around the clock, with minimal downtime. Today's technological advancements put the Philippines in a great position to seize opportunities and continue the explosive growth of the BPO industry.

Business Continuity

Disasters can strike a business, or a society, at any time. Whether it’s a flooded server room or a global pandemic, companies must be prepared for any scenario, and operations must continue without interruption. If a company isn’t outsourcing, it must rely 100% on costly in-house staff. Forward-thinking companies build teams in the Philippines to ensure business continuity, before disaster strikes.

It's Beautiful

Our clients love coming to the Philippines for business trips and amazing vacations. Along with exciting cities, one of the Philippines' best assets is its 7,107 mostly unexplored islands, edged by white sand buffering turquoise waters. Sure, the country has powder-fine beaches and gin-clear waters, but its the legendary hospitality and warmth of the Filipino people keeps them coming back.

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