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Software Tester

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What is a Software Tester?

A Software Tester is a technician involved in the quality assurance stage of software development and deployment. He evaluates a program by going through its typical uses and citing any problems that arise. A software tester's role is integral to the creation of software systems and technical products including vehicles, electronic goods, defense, and healthcare.

What Does a Software Tester Do?

A Software Tester is responsible for conducting prescribed tests on software programs and applications prior to their implementation to ensure quality, design integrity and proper functionality. Other important duties a software tester does include meeting with system users to understand the scope of projects, documenting and replicating every glitch encountered, and communicating findings to technical and non-technical colleagues.

How Do I Hire a Software Tester?

A software tester must have a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field. As for soft skills, an eye for detail is most important because even the smallest hiccup in a program could mean trouble later down the line. Clear communication skills are also necessary as software testers are required to document the problems they encounter so that the software developers can make corrections before launch. Also, patience is needed in this job because tedious tasks are performed repeatedly to ensure the program is completely error free.

How Much Does a Software Tester Cost?

Typically, experienced testers earn more than those just starting out. The wage itself is highly dependent on the employer. Larger companies pay much more than smaller companies. To find a software tester who performs impressively, seek the help of outsourcing companies. They can provide the right talent who is both hardworking and skilled, but at a lower cost.

How many Software Testers do you need?
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