What is a Paralegal?

A Paralegal is a person qualified through education and training to assist with a range of legal support and administration tasks under the guidance of attorneys, including researching information for court cases and gathering evidence. Paralegals may work for, or be retained by solicitors within the legal profession or they may work within a legal environment within commerce, industry or the public sector.

What Does a Paralegal Do?

A Paralegal is an important member of the legal team. A Paralegal provides support to attorneys in a law office. He or she helps them get ready for trials, hearings and other legal proceedings by doing research, drafting legal documents, interviewing witnesses and preparing exhibits. In addition to these duties, a paralegal is expected to handle administrative tasks such as filing papers, answering telephone calls, and maintaining and organizing reference files.

How Do I Hire a Paralegal?

Most people think the role of a Paralegal is an assistant to an attorney, but it takes more than just administrative skills to be a qualified Paralegal. One must have knowledge of the law gained through education, and work experience. Certain soft skills, or personal qualities are also needed by a paralegal in performing tasks such as strong reading comprehension skills to help deal with a large volume of written material, strong listening and speaking skills in order to communicate with attorneys and clients, and good writing skills for drafting legal documents.

How Much Does a Paralegal Cost?

Paralegals make far less pay than lawyers, though they typically enjoy higher wages than legal secretaries. Their cost is based on skills, experience and education. Find the most suitable paralegal for your firm in a more convenient way – through outsourcing companies. Their screening process makes sure that you only get quality talent at a lower cost.